Romeo and Juliet.

Lesson  1  :        Learning the Story


Learning Objectives: This lesson aims to equip students with an integrated understanding of the story of Romeo and Juliet: the characters, plot changes, character choices and some of the key lines.

Resources required: 

  1. Internet streaming access or a downloaded copy of  R&J Once in Verona

  2. Downloaded copies of gallery photos from Once in Verona or access to alternative images or graphic representations.

  3. Internet access to Fotojet or a similar app that allows you to build comic book pages with your own images or graphics. *

** The comic book building component of this exercise can also be completed using downloaded photos and placing them in order with captions on an A4 page.

Lesson Process:

  1. Download ready for use the Image Gallery for Once in Verona. Store either on desktop or in hard copy.

  2. Have the class watch scene-by-scene or in larger sections the Once in Verona video. (Video duration 47 minutes)

  3. Using Fotojet, have students select available Once in Verona still images to depict a scene or scenes from the story of Romeo and Juliet. See example video and comic book page.

  4. Students may create their own designed interpretations using photo effect tools or by adding text and/or clipart

  5. Have students share their comic book pages including reasons for their choice of picture or text.

Student Driven Approach:

  1. Break the students into groups of three or more and assign them different sections of the Once in Verona video to watch. Then have them build their own comic book versions of the sections that they watch.

  2. The students then cumulatively tell the story of Romeo and Juliet to each other as they display their comic book creations and discuss their design and interpretive choices.


  1. Students should create a special account for this class. They can then create a story on that Snapchat or Instagram  account for sharing and saving with class members. They can upload WWS images or create their own.

Advanced or Homework

  1. Students make their own individual comic book version of the entire story choosing to highlight their own interpretation through design, text and clipart additions.

Below are 257 images from the R&J Once in Verona video. Simply click on them to download and then use them to make your own comicbook version of the story of Romeo and Juliet. Or make and use your own images!

Check out our example comic book page Created using the Fotojet software.

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